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Our Clinic is equipped with all the latest Instruments in the field

Technology Available

What We Have

Latest 5 Step Slit Lamp

Appasamy, India

Sadbhaav Eye & Dental Clinic is equipped with 5 step APPASAMY Slit lamp for more accurate eye examination and detailed evaluation of eye disorders.

Auto Ref-Keratometer HRK-8000A

Huvitz, Korea

Sadbhaav Eye & Dental Clinic is equipped with one of the BEST in class Automatic Ref-Keratometer. The Huvitz Auto Refractor HRK-8000A offers the world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto refractor / keratometer. The HRK-8000A enables you to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination then analyzes and simulate the lens fitting status with automatic calculation and recommendation. The auto refractor/ keratometer utilizes joystick control with one-touch locking and automatic 3 dimensional eye tracking for fast and accurate measurement.

Compact Touch A scan

Quantel Medical, France

COMPACT TOUCH includes all the latest QUANTEL MEDICAL innovations in the field of ophthalmic imaging. The COMPACT TOUCH is BEST in class A scan machiene with accurate results comparable to IOL Master. It combines the best image and measurement performance in its category with outstanding ergonomics.

Lumera 300 Microscope

Zeiss, Germany

Sadbhaav’s Eye Operation Theatre if equipped with Excellent Zeiss’ LUMERA optics Microscope. LUMERA Microscope has Superior contrast, resolution and clarity giving less stress to patients and gives exceptional illumination.

Catarhex Phaco System

Oertli, Switzerland

CataRhex®easy employs components and design concepts proven under harsh conditions in hundred thousands of surgeries every year in India. CataRhex®easy masters 2.2 mm and 1.6 mm incision sizes too, thus making you ready for the implantation of future premium IOLs.

Algerbrush Diamond Burr

Alger Company, USA

Algerbrush is used for “polishing” the surface of cornea after a pterygyectomy and for corneal rust ring removal after corneal foreign body removal.


Yeasn, PRC

Equipped with 7-inch industrial HD touch screen with outstanding image quality. Unique multi-core processor. Strong data processing core,supporting accurate measurement of low astigmatism and low transmittance lens. Supports measurement of PD, PH,UV ;built-in thermal printer.

Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Appasamy, India

Standard Indirect ophthalmoscope with aid of Volk 20D lens enables to see your retina with indepth details.

Axis Pachymetry

Quantel Medical, France

With a precision of ± 5 microns, the pachymetry module allows fast and accurate corneal thickness measurements. Built-in IOP correction calculation tables provide the ability to adjust for variations in intra-ocular pressure. For refractive surgery, several measuring modes and corneal maps are available.

Goldman's 3 mirror lens


60° mirror provides a view of the iridocorneal angle. 66° mirror provides a retinal image from the equator to the ora serrata. 76° mirror provides a view of the mid-peripheral/peripheral retina.

Posner Indentation Gonioscope

Ocular, USA

The Posner lens has four identical mirrors that permit examination of four quadrants with no rotation of the lens. The small gap between lens and cornea is filled with tears or topical anesthetic. This keeps the cornea free of viscous fluids and permits clear examination and photography of the optic nerve head following gonioscopy.

Electronic Medical Record System

Raj Patel & Dhaval Patel

Our EMR System generates Computerised records which makes patient flow management very easy and also provides detailed examination report with prescribed treatment along with instructions to the patients also. Our records are one of the very few reccords providing complete examination reports to the patients.

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Qualification from AIIMS

Our doctors are qualified from Prestigious AIIMS New Delhi. They are best and experts in their respective fields.

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Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields.

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Our humble and polite staff is always ready to serve you the best.

International Camps

Dr Dhaval Patel has conducted many Eye Camps in Africa and Does visit yearly for the same.