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Hello Dear Fellow & Colleagues,

During my residency at "Dr. R.P.Center of Ophthalmic Sciences (RPCOS), AIIMS, New Delhi", I started this blog to discuss & share the knowledge with resident friends and help each other to perform better. Initially I hosted it on https://rpcround.wordpress.com and now I have shifted it to here on my clinic's personal website.

Content of most of the posts are taken from books or internet from valid reference...you can believe in it...I do not want to break any of the  copyright. if you feel any post harming your copyright, just leave a comment or mail me at [email protected] and I will remove the same.

Intrested JRs who also want to update this blog with their wisdom, please mail me at above address and I shall invite you as co-author of the blog.

Dhaval Patel, MD (Ophthalmology, AIIMS)
-Consultant, Cataract & Refractive Surgery
-Motera, Ahmedabad, India

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