Tests Description Values to remember
Interpalpebral fissure height Vertical aperture height from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid. Abnormal lower eyelid positions shoul be noted Normal: 8-12 mm
Marginal reflex distance Distance from the cornea light reflex and upper eyelid margin. A negative value is given if the upper lid margin obstructs the corneal reflex The value is obtained measuring the palpebral shift until the reflex appears Normal: 4-4.5 mm Abnormal: Mild +1.5mm, Moderate +0.5mm Severe -0.5mm
Levator function Distance from upper palpebral margin position in down-gaze and the upper palpebral margin position in up-gaze. Securing one's tumb over the brow the frontalis muscle contribute is negated. Excellent: 13-15mm Good: 8-12mm Fair: 5-7mm Poor: 4mm
Upper lid crease position Distance between the central lid crease to the lash margin in down-gaze High lid crease – aponeurotic deiscence Absent lid crease – congenital ptosis
2.5% phenilephrine To stimulate Müller's muscle. 2 drops and waiting 5 minutes. A positive response is useful to determine the posterior lamellar feasibility and/or to extimate the postoperative palpebral drop relate to Hering's law.