Complications of Laser Photocoagulations

  ü  Retinal vein occlusion can follow inadvertent photocoagulation o of a retinal vein. Rarely, there may be loss of central acuity from inadvertent pho photocoagulation of the fovea.
ü  Vitreous haemorrhage can follow photocoagulation of retinal or choroidal vessels.
ü  There may be visual field restriction, decreased contrast sensitivity, night vision or impaired colour vision.
ü  Visual field constriction may impair fitness to drive although ophthalmologists increasingly strive to avoid this most undesirable problem, for example by avoiding confluent laser burns.
ü  Headache can sometimes follow laser therapy. The headache is usually relieved with rest and simple analgesia. Glaucoma must be excluded if the headache is severe or persistent. 

- compiled & published by Dr Dhaval Patel MD AIIMS