Most Commons in Ophthalmology

“Most Commons” has always been the hot topic which helps in solving many direct and indirect questions in entrance examinations and also clears many fundamentals related to subject. During my ophthalmology residency at AIIMS, New Delhi, I have started gathering relevant text which has helped me to compile a huge collection of most commons and has now taken the form of this book.

Time taken to compile this book is really enormous and I have tried not to leave any topic untouched. More than 1000 ophthalmology related books has been reviewed to compile this huge list of more than 4000 “most commons”. I have permitted myself to allow few duplications of most commons, it is just in the view of getting all relevant material under single heading. This Text, in a concise manner, relays information related to all major topics in ophthalmology. Additionally, it also reviews all areas commonly covered in PG and Post-PG Entrance examinations of ophthalmology.

Science is an ever changing dynamic filed and medicine is no more exception. Though each and every data collected and given here is checked for its correctness, some of the facts like percentage etc may change as new research goes on. I have taken utmost care to present the information in its latest form.

I hope readers will welcome my this text just as my previous texts like Ophthalmonics, Ophthalmology Explorer and I-Notes for which I still continue to receive appreciation emails and messages.

Most Commons in Ophthalmology Kindle Book

- compiled & published by Dr Dhaval Patel MD AIIMS