My thoughts in Ophthalmology

Warm Welcome..!!

In our daily practice as an Eye Doctor, We may converse with GOD for his one of the most beautiful structure of human body: THE EYE.
Here I am presenting to the world, my philosophy as an Eye Doctor.
-Dhaval Patel MD


  • The day you do phacoemulsification just like playing video game, you really LIKE phaco.
    The day you prefer doing phacoemulsification more that playing your favorite video game, your are in LOVE with phaco.
  • Learning Phacoemulsification is just like learning playing a Game...
    Initially it is always diffficult...
    Then It becomes easy...
    Then You Just like it to play...
    Then You Love it...
    Then You cannot live without it....
  • Phacoemulsification is a technique of removing 10 mm lens from 5 mm capsulorrhexis from 2 mm incision.
    (Above is the easiest definition i use to explain my patients)
  • Most difficult step of topical phacoemulsification surgery is to apply good drape, which is done by your assistant..:-)

The Glaucoma Mystery

  • The Philosophical Complexity of Glaucoma is such that THOSE who know the most about it are LEAST confident in treating it and THOSE who know the least about it are MOST confident in treating that.


  • With my little experience as a Cataract Surgeon, Wisdom I have gained is,
    "We just remove Cataracts, GOD gives Vision."

- compiled & published by Dr Dhaval Patel MD AIIMS